nO LimiTs nO ruLeS in CreAtiviTy

We believe everybody has a unique rendition of originality.

We are an Ideator company. We possess creative video execution ideas by offering consulting services to video creators supporting them redefine their creativity

Our experience covers a broad range of multimedia, and we are happy to work with video creators on their concepts and vision

Brands that have no limits when it comes to video execution are our specialty.


Show Ideas

By understanding your brand and concept, we develop new execution ideas from everything between live and pre-recorded content to your tailored audience. Do you want your brand to stand out? If yes, you’ve come to the right place

Advertising Ideas

We offer video advertising ideas to brands that are bold in embracing different when it comes to video execution. We take time to understand the message behind your project and tap into your uniqueness. Creativity is endless and freeing. No right or wrong just how well you play it.

Creativiy workshops

A closed workshop designed to assist your creative team in overcoming content creation challenges and taking new directions toward your business’s goals. In our curated talk process, we inspire new content and stimulate participant exploration

Website Content Ideas

You might have a content Idea but feel stuck executing it. That's absolutely normal. Our goal is to help you get unstuck and tailor your content to fit your personality and vision for your website. A happy website = happier clients

About The Founder

Wanjiru Njuguna is the founder and CEO of More Zest. She is a media production specialist with a progressive career in media production and content development.

She is a certified Ideator who is skilled in transforming ideas into powerful tools that consistently bring value to individuals, teams and organizations


No we don’t. We are content producers sharing our execution ideas on content creation.

1. Free strategy call session
2. Clarity : this involves interest inventories & quick tests
3. 1:1 45 min personalized coaching class

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